I offer a half-day seminar for hospice organisations (6 hours including lunch break) where I talk about the impact of life story on the end of life. I talk about my work, bring real examples and a practical exercise. Unlike the large palligraphy training course, however, the aim here is not so much for participants to learn the ‘complete programme’ themselves, but for them to take away impulses and inspiration for their own accompaniments: 

How can I gently enter into dialogue with my patients about their lives? How can I structure a life review, which questions are particularly suitable for this? How do I address and deal with difficult topics? What brings people relief? How can I use an exchange about life to start a conversation about dying?

I pay particular attention to the possibility of using the insights from one’s own life story to consciously experience and create the farewell. 

Private individuals

From time to time I receive requests from relatives and friends of a dying loved one asking if I can create a palligraphy with this person, even if they are not accommodated on the wards or in the hospices where I work and which also support the project financially. I would love to do this, but unfortunately it is beyond my time capacity at the moment. Another reason is that I don’t want the patient, the hospice guest or their relatives to bear the costs themselves. I hope that I can also ensure that more and more people throughout Germany and beyond can take advantage of this wonderful offer free of charge through my training course. As soon as a network crystallises, I will report on it on this page.